About Us

Who We Are?

Genesis-Meds one of leaders in anabolic market. We started to produce injectable steroids and tablet steroids in 2008 in Europe. We provided best quality anabolics to our customers for years. There are still lots of Genesis-Meds fans in world. Lots of bodybuilders and athlets used Genesis-Meds products and they got good results. We always provided best anabolics we can. We used best chemicals and best raw materials while producing our products.

At ends of 2015, laws changed about steroids in some EU countries. We had to stop our business for a while. At this period few fakes of Genesis-Meds started to produce anabolics in market like genesis-meds.eu and Genuine Genesis. They tried to use our brand prestige but they could not have success. They were never related with us. Some made our 1:1 copy of brand and they sold underdosed and bad quality products too. This is why people started to complain about Genesis-Meds product quality.

Real Genesis-Meds domain name was www.genesis-meds.com and it is still same. We moved our location to another one of EU countries and we are back now! We now have product verification system for all our products to counteract counterfeited products. We will be providing best quality anabolics for our customers as long as we can do.

we provide high quality anabolics...

Quality Chemicals

We care about your health and we use best quality raw materials and chemicals for our products.

High Manifacturing Standards

We produce our products in our high standards laboratories and use GMP certified lab equipments.

Quality Products

We have best quality products for you and for your health.